Web Development
and UX Design

Lately I've been going back to my educational roots and improving my web development skills. I feel I can make some nifty responsive websites; this is just one example of my creations and I have plenty more resting on the back burner. My process for designing my websites are very basic. I first like to sketch out rough page designs to get a sense of how I want my content to be laid out and than I begin to develop them in Visual Studio Code. The main languages I've been using lately are HTML, CSS, JS and Jquery; and I'd love to expand my palette especially in the backend department!
If you want to see the nitty gritty on how I made this website, feel free to check out my code on my bitbucket homepage.

Photo Editing

Coinciding with my career, it was fitting for me to get involved in photography and photo editing. Personally I enjoy photographing architecture and nature, specifically focusing on how the light interacts with these mediums. All of my images are edited using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.


From 2D to 3D, stop-motion and CGI, I have a fondness for all forms of animations. Most of my animations are produced in Adobe After Effects and then compiled in Adobe Premiere Pro. I enjoy bringing together everything I've learned and animation is one of those mediums where I have used my skills for my own profession use such as for the opening title animation on my demo reel shown on the right.